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Re: Romanza

> Date:	  Sun, 02 Nov 1997 20:35:21 +0100
> From:	  Asger Mikkonen <mikkonen@xxxxxxxx>
> To:	    brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject:       Romanza
> Reply-to:      brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Priority:      low

> Can you please help me with information on the trombone solo "ROMANZA"
> written by Henry Geehl. The top line says "To Alex English", -- who
> is/was he. Please also fill me in on Henry Geehl.
> Asger Mikkonen
Geehl was born in London 1881 and died in Beaconsfield (Bucks.) in 
1961.  He was a pianist and conductor as well as composer and 
arranger and did much editorial work for English publishers.  In fact 
it was Geehl who scored Elgar's Severn Suite for brass band, in its original

Most of his output was for band, his best work probably the 
Sinfonietta Pastorale which is seldom heard these days, but he also 
composed orchestral works, piano music and songs.  His song 'For You 
Alone' is allegedly the only song which Caruso ever performed in 

Alex English has a chip shop in Ripon but this may not be the same 
guy, since he's never heard of Henry Geehl.

I hope that some of this information is useful.


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