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Solo Secondo by William Himes

--Boundary (ID 42wdXyMRD4Je9PCLoWHSgA)

Solo Secondo by William Himes (A Major Work for Second Horn & Band)
Feilding Brass are performing this 'musical comedy' item at the end of   
November and are looking for some information from people who have played   
it or seen it performed.
We have an audio tape of a performance. Throughout the performance the   
audience are virtually rolling on the floor with laughter........while we   
have worked out some of the on-stage antics there is obviously a lot more   
others have done.
If anyone can enlighten us on some of the stage movements etc that bring   
this piece to life we would be most appreciative.



Peter Ellery, Musical Director - Feilding Brass, New Zealand
E-Mail   PEllery@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Manager, A# Music Publishers
'Brass Band Specialists'
E-Mail   a_sharp_music@xxxxxxxxxxx  

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