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RE:Soprano Players

I would like to agree with this topic 100%

A discussion on Sop players is a must.

During the years of 1988-1993 I was lucky to have played with Desford
Colliery Caterpillar Band and had the privilege to experience some of the
best Sop players in the country.

My Top 5 list would as follows

1st Kevin Crockford -National Finals 1989 'ODIN'

2nd Steve Stewart  -National Finals  1991 'ENERGY'

3rd  Ian Dickman 1990-1991 Desford/Fodens

4th  Alan Wycherly -JJB Sports/Williams Fairy Band

5th Peter Roberts-Grimethorpe

There are also a lot of other players not mentioned but all of a very high
standard that we, the Brass Band fraternity know so well.
Also certain players in lesser bands have shown their skills as well.

Great Subject

Lawrence Eccleston BBb Bass

Woolley Pritchard Sovereign Brass

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