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Re: 2nd Baritone Players

At 19:20 06/11/97 -0500, RMBatten@xxxxxxx wrote:

>Speaking of 2nd Baritones.....
>did you see Richard Robinsons article on Brass Societies (CATS, BTS, TUBA,
>HBS and THS) in this weeks Bandsman ?
>He says that "As yet, the world is still awaiting the launch of the Second
>Baritone Society" !!!!!!!!! 

Yes I saw that too ...... and wondered what the hell he was on about
....... not being aware of there ever being/having been (it it's failed) a

Do you know anymore about this yourself by any chance?  Would be interested
to  hear more.

Angela Tregaskes
<angela@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (alternative e-mail)

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