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Re: Tips on conducting

1) Learn your patterns, know how to give cues & direct dynamics and
articulations (baton technique).  Any book on conducting will show you
2) Over emphasise dynamics, cues etc.....(make sure they see you)
3) Keep your head out of the score.  Use your eyes. (if you don't watch,
they won't watch)
4) Don't be self consious about how you look.  Just give it all you got.
5) Find a masterclass/conducting workshop to attend.

These are my .02c but they are mostly derived from conducting school bands
and ensembles.  I guess i's the same for Brass Bands and higher level


> I've recently been asked to conduct a band, but have never done it
> I've got a good ear and could probably spot things going wrong and be
> to explain how to correct them, but all the other stuff I'm not sure
> (I've never held a baton in my life!!).  Can anyone give me some quick
> on conducting, the basics, etc.
> Thanks,
> Martin Irwin.

Tony Lashmar
Loganlea, Queensland

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