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War Between the States Music

Olde Towne Brass has recently obtained copies of the Band Books of
several bands
that played during the War Between the States. We are in the process of
publishing these charts. Check out the music that is available in
Quintet form as 
well as Full Band charts on our Web Page.

We also have two tapes available with recordings of a number of these
charts. These
tapes were recorded with Original Horns. A sample of the recording,
along with
ordering instructions, is available on our Web Page.

Y'all Come,

Bob Baccus

Bob Baccus
Olde Towne Brass

> From: Connie Varner <cvarner@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: community-music@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Cc: cvarner@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Concert Announcement
> Date: 12 November 1997 20:34
> The Triangle Brass Band, of the greater Research Triangle
> Park area of North Carolina is proud to announce the debut
> of the Triangle Youth Brass Band!  To invest in the musical
> future of the young people of our area, to raise public 
> awareness of the British style of brass banding, and to groom 
> the next generation of brass bandsmen, we have undertaken
> the establishment of a youth brass band for our area, comprised
> of middle and high school players.  We are delighted by
> the interest shown by the young players of the area, and are 
> grateful to the Music Department at NC State University for 
> allowing us to introduce the Youth Band on the annual Joint 
> Concert of their band and ours.
> "Three Generations of Brass Banding" takes place on Wednesday, 
> November 19th, at 8:00 pm, in Stewart Theatre, on the NC State 
> University campus in Raleigh, NC.  Admission is $5 for Adults, 
> $4 for NC State Faculty and Staff, and $2 for Students. 
> The Triangle Youth Brass Band will perform the following:
> Valdrese March			Hansen
> Susato Dances			Iveson
> All Through the Night		arr. Langford
> Music for Greenwich		Gregson
> The NC State Brass Band will perform:
> Tribute				Scearce
> March Militaire Francais	Saint-Saens
> Partita				Gregson
> The Triangle Brass will perform:
> Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare	Strauss, arr. Palmatier
> Comedy Overture			Ireland
> The Year of the Dragon		Sparke
> All three bands join forces for the last selection on the program,
> which is "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral."
> Hope to see you there, if you're in the area next Wednesday!
> Connie Varner,
> Triangle Brass Band
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