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Brass Band Festival in JAPAN

Ladies and Gentlemen;

The 3rd Brass Band Festival will be held in Japan,
23rd November, joined 6 brass bands around Tokyo area.
It's holding of in 10 years.
But these 10 years, brass bands are getting more familiar
with Japanese players.

Utsunomiya Brass Society:(founded in 1977)
   their performance will be following:

   City Cruiser		 G.Richards
   Just the Way You Are	 B.Joel/D.Barry
      (Flugel solo:Hiromi Tezuka)
   Excalibur(Sword of Justice)  Jan Van der Roost

Nexus Brass Band:(founded in 1995)
   their performance will be following:

   Slipstream		   P.Sparke
   the 3rd/Epigram from "Essay" E.Gregson
   Trittico		     J.Curnow

Suzume Youth Band:(founded in 1982)
   their performance will be following:

   Partita for Brass Band       E.Gregson
   Amazing Grace		/ W.himes
   Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals E.Ball
     (They are the first band toured to UK, Manchester and Wales in 1991)

The Band of the Black Colt:(founded in 1976)
   their performance will be following:

   Rolipops(cornets duet)	Jean-Francois Michel
     (cornets:Taku Nakazawa,Emi Okamura)
   The Padstow Lifeboat	 Sir M.Arnold
   Midnight Euphonium	   G.Richards
     (euphonium solo:Shinya Yasuda)
   Ovation		      P.Sparke

British Brass Dolce:(founded in 1987)
   their performance will be following:

   March Pendine		R.Martyn
   Belive Me If All Those Endering Young Charms
     (euphonium:Nobuaki Araki)  /S.H.Boddington
   A Tameside Overture	  P.Sparke
   Queen's Park Melody	  J.D.Haan
      (their homepage/   ENGLISH)

Tokyo Noudai 2nd High School OB Band:(founded in 1988)
   their performance will be following:

   Midwest		      J.J.Richards/D.Broadbent
   Country Scene		G.Richards
   Oceans		       G.Richards
      (their homepage/    JAPANESE)

Massed Band
   their performance will be following:

   Fanfare for a New Age	G.Richards
	(cond. by Teruo Yabuuchi/Suzume Youth Band)
   Mercury		      J.V.der Roost
	(cond. by Makoto Sekiya/Nexus Brass Band)
   Carnival of Venice	   / D.Staigers
	 cornet solo: Atsuhiko Okamoto(Breeze Brass Band)
	(cond. by Michihiro Kawasaki/Utsunomiya Brass Society)
   Jubilee Overture	     P.Sparke
	(cond. by Michihiro Kawasaki)
   Bugler's Holiday	     L.Anderson
	(cond. by Yutaka Nishida/ the personality of music radio program
				  of satellite broadcasting PCM Music-Bird)

Thank you for reading my announcement.

Kiyoko Abe
The Band of the Black Colt :  JAPAN
1st Baritone

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