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Bass Trombone Players association

Hello all,
I would like to bring to everyone's attention a few very disturbing 
things that will be happening over coming months.

The Bass Trombone players association president Mr Peter Younghusband 
has called a strike for the 1/4/98, this follows on from the Ban 
placed on notes below C in early October, and the no Pedal notes 
on Sundays rule passed in 1987

Although I have always supported the Association and its constant 
struggle to get us Bass Trombone players the status and respect we 
deserve in all musical groups and particualrly Brass Bands I feel 
that with this call to withdraw our playing for 24hrs  Mr 
Younghusband is going way to far.

The log of claims on the table at present include equal billing with 
Principle Cornets at all Band Concerts. Beer to be provided at all 
times. Nude Women (or Men or Both, or inflatable beings of your 
choice) to be avaliable at all times. I personally agree with all 
these. I do however have a problem with this, all players with 
initials PY will be paid $100,000 a year a move to Australia.

I trust that other Bass Trombone player out there will voice there 
disgust with this proposed strike action.

I hope that we can return to the negotiating table with the Condutors 
association very soon.

Mark Corben
Principle Bass Trombone Waratah- Mayfiled Brass Band	   
Principle Cornet Conrad Curry

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