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Black Dyke Recording - Peter Graham -Reply

O dear,

the thoughts I made a month ago on this list about Dyke in case of their
appearance at the nationals show up again. 
As we all know they are of course still a very good band but indeed, a band
named Dyke (Capital) has to bear its history and can not afford to play as the
current dyke (lowercase) is playing.
If I hear a former Dyke recording like e.g. King of Brass, Triple champions
(with Connotations, Vivat Regina,Diadem of gold,...) and some others which date
from the early eighties (yes, long ago) it's ten times better than what they are
doing now. 

Is Dyke never looking back and ask themselves what's going wrong?
Or are they convinced it's not and just different?
I doubt if Jim Watson is such a BRILLIANT conductor as some people on the list
put forward some weeks ago. I'm maybe wrong, but I don't think he really is. He
will be good but brilliant, and what about their management?? And I know Jim had
quite some victories with Desford, Dyke at several nationals and opens. But this
doe not prove everything and by the way, I'd better shut up about the conditions
those titles were won. Some players, former to those bands and some still
playing with them, are still ashamed after all those years. 

Meanwhile I agree with Matthew, for the moment being I regret not to buy another
Dyke recording. If they start to perform better at concerts and recordings I
will be the first to buy them again.

Sorry to the Dyke fans out there, I was one too until David KIng left and the
music with him.

Edy Van Asch

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