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Christmas comes but once a year

Dear All,

Jim wrote:

> Maybe Dyke has too many people from leicestershire???
> Jim Britcliffe
> United Co-op Crewe

Matthew replied:

> You wouldn't be having a go at the Conductor would you?

> Matthew Taylor
> Solo Horn 
> Ratby Cooperative Band

No Matt,

I think it could be referring to his brother, Keith (3rd cornet BD).

Anyway how is he Jim, haven't heard from him for ages?

For anyone who is interested, which I guess is not many of you.
Leicester 1st Section Band - Unity Brass - have now moved into the 
old Davis's Bandroom off junction 22 M1(Practising Monday and 
Wednesday 20:00 - 22:00).  Let's hope that some of the 
previous occupants success rubs off on its new residents.

Finishing on a festive topic - sorry, it's not even 
December yet.  I know that many bands throughout UK are fairly 
busy during the Christmas period raising money by playing carols 
here there and everywhere. 
Is this also the case in Oz/NZ/USA/JAPAN/Scandanavia or other worldy 
retreats of the brass band movement???  Perhaps you all have 
different National tendencies??

Yours anticipatory of sore chops

Matt Booth
'Bumper' up
Unity Brass

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