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Re: Christmas comes but once a year

Hello to all,

Matthew Booth wrote;

>I know that many bands throughout UK are fairly 
>busy during the Christmas period raising money by playing carols 
>here there and everywhere. 
>Is this also the case in Oz/NZ/USA/JAPAN/Scandanavia or other worldy 
>retreats of the brass band movement???  Perhaps you all have 
>different National tendencies??

In Japan;

Most of Japanese bands don't play at the Christmas period like that, 
except the Japan Salvation Army Band.  
Their performances are called 'shakai-nabe' in Japanese, translate 
word for word 'social pot (or cauldron?)', because there is a pot
in front of the band, and people throw money to it.

At the year-end period, we have other social movement called 
'the year-end charity'.   Some bands play for that rasing money.
Perhaps it looks like you are at the Christmas period.

But when December comes, year-end parties held everywhere, everynight, 
and every groups what everyone belongs to (NOT children), throughout Japan.
And drinking beers or 'sake' for driving out an evil spilits, mistakes, 
and something terrible of this year, hoping the coming year will be 
all right.    

New year celeblation is the most impotant thing of the year for Japanese.
Everyone want to have nice new years day with rice-cakes (o-mochi), 
special foods called 'o-sechi', and japenese-sake (special drink, 
('0-' is a prefix to say words politely.)   And send cards with
new years greetings, just like christmas cards.

Well, that's the way in Japan.   I wonder if you can imagine those scine,
sorry and cause of my poor English.

Kiyoko Abe
The Band of the Black Colt :  JAPAN
1st Baritone

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