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Re: Re ISB Albert Hall

I will admit that I am jumping 'mid stream' into this thread, but I wanted
to point out what I thought was a bit of an error.  You list all of the
composers below who had an S.A. influence.  (Influence?  They've heard
about the Army?  Seen the Mr. Bean special with that Army ensemble?  I
digress...) I dare any member of the list to ignore the hugely spiritual
Resurgam which was written for a contest by Eric Ball.  For many decades it
was the only piece of music to exist both as a Salvation Army title and be
available elsewhere.  That's how 'religious' the Salvation Army thought the
piece was - they allowed it into the repetoire.  I will agree that other
pieces written by Army "influenced" composers is not always of a religious
nature, but I disagree that none of it is.

At 03:29 PM 24/11/97 -0000, you wrote:
>2a.....Most of the composers/ arrangers who are given the pleasure to write
>Test Pieces for our movement are given a free hand and are judged after the
>event, then the criticism and the feed back begins.
>In the S/A the composers and arrangers have one hand tied behind there back
>and have to submit there music to a panel before it can be played, there is
>a supple difference.
>Eric Ball . Edward Gregson. G.Brand. Wilfred Heaton.Philip Sparke. Ray
>Steadman Allen all have composed or arranged Test Pieces for the national
>they have all had Salvation Army influence, but they did have the respect
>to write music or arrange music and steer away from religious, or
>redemption themes for the Nationals.

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