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Re: Christmas comes but once a year

On Sat 29 Nov 97 (00:51:38 +0900), k-1yoko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>But when December comes, year-end parties held everywhere, everynight, 
>and every groups what everyone belongs to (NOT children), throughout
>Japan. And drinking beers or 'sake' for driving out an evil spilits,
>mistakes,  and something terrible of this year, hoping the coming year
>will be  all right.    

Onry in Japan can you get lid of evil spilits with sake :-)

>New year celeblation is the most impotant thing of the year for Japanese. 

That's too bad, New year impotancy is not so good for making babies :-)

Sorry for making fun of your message Kiyoko. Your English is actually very

Adrian :-)
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