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John Fletcher

From: Rolf G Miezitis@NORTH on 25/05/98 10:10
Does anybody on the list know how to get hold of this book and CD in
Australia or England? (It's too hard to order an English book through an
American publisher) I would love to get hold of it.

Rolf Miezitis
Glenorchy City Concert Brass

Fletcher's articles are reprinted in the book "A Celebration, John
Fletcher, Tuba Extraordinary" published by the John Fletcher Trust, 14
Hamilton Terrace, London NW8 9UG.  The Trust also have a CD available,
"The Best of Fletch".  I highly recommend both.  In the U.S., you can
order through Bert Wiley at Bernel Music 704-293-7469.  The Trust supports
players in taking courses with the National Youth Orchestra.

Mike Solms
EEflat Bass, Scioto Valley Brass & Percussion

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