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Re: Doubling (was Vibrato)

Well said Adrian!


Adrian Drover wrote:

> On 22 May, Trond Otto Berg <trober@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > That colection of instrumet is comarable too this: Trombone, Euph,
> > Eb-tenorhorn, baitone-sax, and bass-clarinet.  Wold you say that if a
> > person played all this instrumets, that he wold be equaly good on all of
> > them, and equaly good on all of them copared to one "spesialist" on,
> > lats say, euph? There is a widly spead msiunderstanding that we
> > cornet-player do not suffer from changing instuments.  We suffer just as
> > much as the others.  For young players its even more dangerous.  If you
> > change instrumets, and therefore mp's, constantly, you will damage your
> > ambochure, and some will even get a injury that may cause them to stop
> > playing TOTALY for a year or so.  This is a subject wich I know
> > something about, since I took my master deg. in music on ambochure and
> > ambochure-building.  If you want to change betveen instruments (and
> > mp's) youshould be at least 20years old (you must have stoped growing)
> > and have a rock-solid ambochure before you start.   By starting this on
> > age 15, you are asking for trouble that may damage you for life.
> Trond, this is a stupid argument and I am surprised that others on the
> list are in agreement with these ramblings.
> My son has been collecting his many doubles since he was 7 years old. He
> shows no signs that this has done him any harm.
> Are you telling me that my son should not be studying english, math,
> physics, french, spanish, geography, history, computing, etc., etc., on
> the grounds that all these subjects will detract from his music studies at
> school? Are you telling me that athletes should not train for pentathlon
> and decathlon events, but should stick to one track event only?
> I have played cornet, trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, bass
> sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, flute, descant recorder, trombone,
> bass trombone, valve trombone, euphonium, mellophonium, Bb tuba, Eb tuba,
> vibraphone and various LA percussion. Although I never became brilliant on
> any one of these instruments, I have played them all professionally, that
> is all except the cornet. The fact that I have played all these
> instruments and understand them well, has made me a very much better
> arranger/composer than I would have been if I knew only how to play one
> instrument.
> Has studying english done any harm to the way you speak and write
> norwegian? I think not. Although your english is not the best I have seen
> from a Scaninavian :-), if you had not taken the trouble to study it, you
> would not have been able to communicate with other musicians on this list.
> I'm glad you did.
> I wrote...
> > > Brass bands in my area continually recruit college musicians who have
> > > been trained as trumpeters.
> You replied...
> > You should then force them to lay the trumopt "on the shelf" as long as
> > they are playing in Brass Band
> But why? They are studying for degrees in fields other than brass banding.
> That is the most selfish attitude I have ever heard. These guys are doing
> local bands a favour by augmenting their diminishing ranks. Without these
> talented students many bands would disintegrate.
> Let me finish with this. The reason why all brass band instruments (apart
> from bass trombone) play in treble clef and are transposing, came from the
> inventer of many of the band instruments, Adolphe Sax. It was his
> reasoning that if every instrument used the same clef and had the same
> fingering, it would be easy for musicians to hop around from one
> instrument to another when need be. So it seems that the father of the
> brass band did not have the same blinkered views that many of us seem to
> have.
> Adrian
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