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RE: Masters Result - Amazing Facts

Jeremy, This seems to hark back to the 93/94 Doncaster result mentioned in
the 16/5 edition of the BB. Are they going to release the placings of the
three judges? and if so it will be interesting to see if all the odd
placings, high and low, come from the same judge - it would also be
interesting to know where they were sitting in the hall. Who were the
judges, you mentioned Geoffrey Brand, but not the others.

If you are correct that Fodens came 6th on an aggregate of 12 then some of
the other results must have been pretty wild.


Rod Gibson
Haverhill Silver

> I've just found out some amazing details.
> NSK Ransomes were overall -12th.
> Of the three adjudicators G Brand had them 1st, another had them last
> (21st) and the other 17th.
> Fodens had 2nd, 2nd and 8th. Ended up 6th.
> My guess is that they won't be using this system again.
> Jeremy

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