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Re: City of Oxford

On Mon, 25 May 1998, Andy Wooler wrote:

> I know it's a pile of s**t - but it only seems to be that bands have the
> courage to stand up and complain about these stupid rules when they are
> directly affected by them - be honest, where was the support from City of
> Oxford Band members of this list when I first suggested the rules were
> past their sell by date? Non existent - until you suffer as a result of
> them.

That's a fair criticism to some extent. However, it takes a situation 
like the one in which we now find ourselves to make us aware of the 
deficiencies in the contest rules. I had no idea that they were so 
flawed! In fairness, I think I remember commenting that I would support a 
change in the rules when you last introduced the topic. The difficulty is in 
knowing what to do about 
it! There seems to be no action that member bands can take to exert any 
effect on the committee. (Perhaps, if the NCC reverse our 
disqualification, the City of Oxford Band will be instrumental in 
effecting such a change). Are there any channels by which complaints can 
be registered? other than writing to the British Bandsman (or, dare I 
say, the mailing list)?

Of course, whatever I say regarding registration will inevitably be 
tainted by my own unfortunate experience. However, my opinions are also 
based in logic and fairness. The rules as they stand clearly do not apply 
these principles to band contests.



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