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Off-Topic URL Hint

Sorry that this message has nothing to do DIRECTLY with Brass Bands (but
indirectly it might, particular if those of us who maintain websites are
watching carefully <grin>).  Here is another useful (& free) website TOOL I
have discovered .......http://www.websitegarage.com.

Do try it out ..... if only the "GIF lube" feature which shrinks GIF images
over 3,000 bytes.

Good luck!


Angela Tregaskes
P.A. to Professor Trevor G. Smart & Departmental Secretary
Department of Pharmacology & Centre for Toxicology
The School of Pharmacy
University of London
29-39 Brunswick Square
London, WC1N  1AX, U.K.
My Work Telephone Number is: 0171-753-5900
My Fax Number is: 0171-753-5902
My Home Telephone Number is................. in the 'phonebook
(SW18, initial "R")

Bb Baritone player:

The Crystal Palace Band (Web Page Designer)
The Fulham Band (Web Page Designer)
 Cafe Internet Band 1996 (Global WWW Secretary)
& "http://www.rhbnc.ac.uk/cyberband";
 Cyberband 1997 (Global WWW Secretary)

If you have ICQ you can message me. My ICQ#:5203728


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