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Off-Topic URL Hint

Sorry that this message has nothing to do DIRECTLY with Brass Bands (but
indirectly it might, particular if those of us who maintain websites are
watching carefully <grin>).  Here is another useful (& free) website TOOL I
have discovered .......

Do try it out ..... if only the "GIF lube" feature which shrinks GIF images
over 3,000 bytes.

Good luck!


Angela Tregaskes
P.A. to Professor Trevor G. Smart & Departmental Secretary
Department of Pharmacology & Centre for Toxicology
The School of Pharmacy
University of London
29-39 Brunswick Square
London, WC1N  1AX, U.K.
My Work Telephone Number is: 0171-753-5900
My Fax Number is: 0171-753-5902
My Home Telephone Number is................. in the 'phonebook
(SW18, initial "R")

Bb Baritone player:

The Crystal Palace Band (Web Page Designer)
The Fulham Band (Web Page Designer)
 Cafe Internet Band 1996 (Global WWW Secretary)
& "";
 Cyberband 1997 (Global WWW Secretary)

If you have ICQ you can message me. My ICQ#:5203728


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