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Geoffrey Brand - Rubbish compere?

Sorry, haven't got the hang of how to reply yet.

Even sorrier Alec, I can't agree with you. Geoff's a top man.(I've got
all his Dyke recordings on scratched vinyl, 78rpm I think). Great after
dinner speaker too, I'm reliably informed.
However, has anyone else noticed how he always writes his remarks using
a pencil which appears not to have been sharpened for 20 years? It would
be easier for him to chisel into granite instead, and easier to read. 
My nomination for the most inappropriate adjudicators comment goes to a
certain B. Gay, who after adjudicating at a very high profile contest
wrote, (and I quote), " so nearly a prize winning performance". He then
procededed to place us 17th!!!
Anyone got any better examples?
Kevin Williams

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