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Up the Brass

Kris Leech said:
>> By the way, anyone see the Brass-Band programme on TV on Sunday?
>> THat guy who
>> said it was near-impossible to maintain a relationship outside of
>> banding must
>> be very sheltered! Anyone else think they were making banding out to be
>> something it wasn't?.... they weren't a top-section band
>> afterall, but still
>> they said that they had no free-time to themselves due to band
>> practice!...
>> how many lower section bands practice every night???!
And Rod Gibson then asked:

>What section are they in? They probably did the same programme on all the
>bands and used the one from the winning band !!! :-) I like these :-)
Angela adds:

The Band featured in "Up The Brass" (the t.v. documentary on banding which
preceeded Channel 4's premiere of "Brassed Off" last Sunday) was the Vaux
Band from Silkworth(?) Northumberland.  The test piece featured in the film
footage taken both at rehearsals and at the North East Regions was "Three
Saints" by Goff Richards, and adjudicated by the composer at this
particular area if I remember rightly.  This was the set test piece for 3rd
Section bands in 1998 (& one which CPB mastered beautifully to come a
creditable 3rd place, though narrowly missing out on an invite to the
Harrogate finals, it was easily enough of a result to gain promotion to the
2nd section next year!)

As for the respective bands' approach to the contest, I would naturally
expect ANY band to rehearse harder than normal for THIS particular contest
(esp. when like CPB promotion was at stake) so I have to disagree with Kris
who seems surprised that Vaux. band might have rehearsed EVERY night.  It
maybe wouldn't happen down here in the South but the BB culture is so very
often different "'oop north" remember.  For the record, CPB had a mix of
sectionals and full band rehearsals over 3 nights for about a month leading
up to this contest (and in the end IMO this "over-serious" approach paid
off for us at least).  It could also therefore be assumed that Vaux's claim
of banding (even at this level) getting in the way of other non-banding
related relationships also seems plausible (sad state of affairs though it
might seem to some ..... and IMO is). 

Ah well that's my tuppence worth on the subject.  Sorry to bore you all yet



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