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Re: Possibly reason behind Masters result ?

WHAT!  Musicality is dependant on sound and technique, vice versa and so many
If nothing else it says a LOT (hoho) about the contest organisers if this furfy
is fact.
Lies, dam lies and rumours.
Forget facts, lets just deal in supposition and rumour.

Martin Irwin wrote:

> I've just heard on the grape vine that the 3 judges at the Masters had
> different things to look at.  One looked at musicality, one at technique
> and one at sound.  If this is true it might have been nice if they told us.
>  Obviously they had their own pre-set agendas, with no overlap.
> I was also told that YBS were given 13th by the 'sound' judge, therefore
> gaining full marks for musicality and technique.  Apparently they were
> slated for having a hard sound, especially cornets.
> I don't know if any of the above is 100% true, its just what I've heard,
> from a very good source though.  Anybody else heard this.
> Martin.

Music is my first love, after Jan and the billies.

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