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Re: National Finals test - piece

Kevin Williams wrote:

> How refreshing to read that Philip Sparke has written this years
> National Finals test piece entitled "Between the Moon and Mexico".

Anybody got any more info on the story ..........

> ... As a former member of the
> Hendon band, I was fortunate to have played in three succesive Finals,
> of which only "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" warranted any kind of
> commendation. Following that, Theme and Co-operation, and Songs for B.L.
> will probably never be played again, although putting on a recording of
> Songs for B.L. is guaranteed to remove any unwanted guests or upset your
> neighbours.

Too right! Perhaps we could ask the list just how many fans BL has?

> The last 3 Finals pieces have been too "hymn-tuney" and sloppy, with the
> influence of the SA too evident.

Mmmmm.....I thought Isiah was very good - can't remember the other two.

> The music
> will no doubt be incredibly hard to play, but great to rehearse and
> listen to.

Get out of it! People might start enjoying themselves at band practice!


> It will surely not be confined to the furthest envelope in
> the library in the years to come, as has been the case with most of the
> Finals pieces since 1988.

Let's hope not!


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