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Re: Versatility and Doubling (was Vibrato) -Reply

On 03 Jun, Howard Peacock <howard.peacock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It's interesting that you should mention the "quasi tromba" back row bit
> in Force of Destiny, as I was thinking about that and it's relevance to
> using new instruments in the band - has anyone tried playing this
> particular entry using "real" trumpets rather than cornets played
> without vibrato?  It seems to me that this might have some interesting
> results....

Well, you would certainly produce a more authentic trumpet sound on
trumpets than you would on cornets, even if the trumpets were played badly
by the cornetists.

BTW. Could someone enlighten me as to the accepted spelling of
"cornetist". Should it have 2 t's or 3 ("cornettist"). My spell checker
offers it both ways, which is surprising. I'm amazed it's in there at all.
It only objected to me using the plural. Maybe my spell checker thinks ONE
cornet is enough ;-) 


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