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Re: What an amazing guy.

On 06 Jun, David Wakeley <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>	     Went down to the band room last Thursday and a really old
> guy with a cornet in a sports bag , 70 or  maybe 80, I don't know, 
> walked in and sat down on the front row next to John Sails, who
> obviously knew him. I listened to a few riffs and realised this was a
> great player at any age. I had never had the pleasure before, but after
> enquiries his name turned out to be JOHN DROVER who once played with
> Kirbymoorside Band. He sits in now and again when he visits Kirkby and I
> hope he does it forever. Adrian if you read this posting I hope you are
> proud of your dad as he is a lesson to all on when to retire.

Hi David

It seems like my reply of June 6th never made it to the list, which means
my follow up 'erata' made no sense, so here it is again.

My dad celebrated his ***87th*** birthday on June 6th while he was playing
with you in Kirkby. He is an amazing man for his age. When my son and I go
to visit him, we both take our instruments to play duets and trios. He
outblows us both! He practices regularly for at least 2 hours a day. My
mother (85 this year) told me that when he was ill with flu some time ago,
he sat up in bed to do his daily practice. If you want to know how he
keeps so fit, he does a lot of walking.

The town band where he lives in Knutsford has disintegrated through lack
of enthusiasm, but he still meets the few survivors to play quartets. As
it is, he has to travel as far afield as N. Yorks and St. Keverne in
Cornwall to get a blow with a proper band. If there is anyone in the
Cheshire area who knows of a band he can play with and is prepared to
ferry him back and forth (he gave up driving a year ago), I'm sure he
would be highly delighted. 

You are right David, there is no law that says you have to retire from
brass playing. I'm sure my dad will still be at it when he hits 100.

I would like to thank all you guys in Kirkbymoorside band for making him
so welcome. I know he really appreciates it. If any of you would like to
e-mail me privately, I will send you my band music catalogue. You can have
a couple of charts with my complements.

Cheers, Adrian

  ____    _ _
 /    \ _| (_)___   _____ ADRIAN DROVER 
|  ()  / _ | / _ \_( ___/ INNOVATIVE ORCHESTRAL SERVICES
Business:  adios@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx		     
Personal: adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (Glasgow, Scotland)

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