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Re: Copland & Haendel

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    From: Lionel Jaquet <Lionel.Jaquet@xxxxxxxx>
    To: Brass Band Mailing List <brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Date: 09 June 1998 00:28
    Subject: Copland & Haendel
    Dear all,
    I'm searching for some good arrangements for brass ensemble :
	- Copland, Fanfare for a Common Man
	- Haendel, Watermusic 
	- Haendel, Fireworks Music 
    Not quite sure what you mean by brass ensemble here - the Fanfare
was written originally for orchestral brass.  There is certainly a brass
band arrangement by Howard Snell, published by Boosey & Hawkes (coupled,
if memory serves rightly, with the Hoedown from 'Rodeo').
    As for the Fireworks Music - Elgar Howarth's arrangement (for large
brass ensemble) is as far as I know still available from Chester Music,
London.  There is also an inferior arrangement for brass band by Dennis
Wright - don't know the publisher, though.  Possibly Wright & Round.
    Watermusic - I recall that Howard Snell Brass recorded a version for
ten-piece a few years ago.  Don't know if it's published though - try
Rakeway Music.
    Alec Gallagher

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