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Re: New Music - Concert programmes

On 10 Jun 98 at 16:30, JEREMY P WISE wrote:

> Dear All
> I have to confess that I have great difficulty in choosing new music
> to play. Unless I can get to hear something first I often buy
> something that looks good on paper only to find that it's in the
> wrong key or badly arranged. 
> Can anyone suggest any good concert starters and finishers for a
> good Champ section band? This would be much appreciated and I am
> happy to reciprocate with a list of items that I have used and found
> to go down well.
> As a general rule I find that the Goff Richards, Howard Snell, Ray
> Farr arrangements work really well and others by Alan Fernie and
> Adrian Drover appeal greatly.
> What I am looking for in particular is the follow up to the Pines of
> Rome, Elsa, Tchaik 4 type finishers which have been so popular. Any
> ideas? 
> Jeremy

How about Howards "Entry of the Gods into Valhalla" - a real lip 
buster and it cost's a bomb to hire the thunder sheets but a great 
And how about starting with a good circus march, played 'up tempo' 
always go down well.


Phil Green.
Solo EEb Bass
Fodens (Courtois) Band.

"I'm not a musician - just an instrumentalist"

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