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Re: 1812 overture (was: Aw jees Norm...)

>>From: Rolf G Miezitis@NORTH on 15/06/98 11:44
>>I once had the pleasure of playing the 1812 Overture with the Tasmani=
>>Symphony Orchestra back in 1986 (I think). The band came in just for
>>finale (after the long decending motif). The audience thought that th=
>>effect was terrific and it was also a great opportunity for the band
to be
>>exposed to the more snobby symphony orchestra crowd (both players and=

>>audience). This mainly came about because our conductor of the time w=
as the
>>Principal Trumpet player with the orchestra Arthur Edwards (the Elgar=

>>Howarth of Tasmanian banding).

Woodfalls have done the same thing with the Bournemouth Symphony Orches=
tra on a
number of occasions and you're right the audience do seem to like it. T=
he noise
of a full band starting at "fff" adds a certain something to the piece
especially as a finale

David S. Renshaw (a.k.a. No.3 SWT Woodfalls Band)
Centre for Java Technology Development
IBM UK Laboratories, Hursley
tel: +44 1962 815517 fax: +44 1962 818999

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