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Re: Mark Freeh record

Hi Nigel....
Sorry for the delay.....  Do you want the long version or the short
Basically, it was a CD done when Bram Tovey was the MD.  I offered it to
Studio Music and it was turned down becuse they said bands were not ready
for this, whatever that meant,  Then Heavy Weight  approached me and
released it as FREEH-WAY (not my title).  Because of some copyright
problem, they stop selling it.  So for that reason, it is not available,
although there are nearly a 1000 copies sitting on a shelf somewhere around

It was recorded at CTS Studios in London and brought back to New York and
mixed by me..  It was recorded on 24 tracks and much care was taken to make
it one of the best sounding brass band CDs to date, in my opinion.

The music on the CD is:

Hejre Kati  (cornet solo - Brian Grant)
Surrey with the Fringe On Top  (baritone-euphonium section feature)
Show Me
April in Paris  (flugelhorn solo - Richard Franklin)
Peanut Vendor  (trombone solo - Paul Filby)
Overture for Brass
Valse  (euphonium solo - Trevor Groom)
When the Saints  (dixieland cornet solo - Peter Monk)
Here's That Rainy Day
Laura  (Flugelhorn solo - Richard Franklin)
Ol' Man River  (Drum solo - Dave Ratacjak)

The band was excellent and Bram Tovey was brilliant.  If you are interested
in obtaining a copy, I may be able to help you.  If you want a musical
opinion on the CD, it would be better to get an unbiased viewpoint from
someone that has it.
Nigel... I hope this answers your questions regarding this.  Thanks for

Best Regards,


> From: Nigel Wears <nwears@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Mark Freeh record
> Date: Thursday, June 11, 1998 5:08 PM
> Mark (Brassman) Freeh - 
> I'd love to listen to the record that you did with G.U.S. 
> Is it still available?  Can you tell us all about it?
> Cheers,
> Nigel Wears
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