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Re: Brass Band mail filtering

Andy Moore  -  andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote back:

>>I've got the Inbox Assistant to put everything where "To" contains
"brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" to move to a folder called Brass Band News.
>>Seems to work for 95% of the notes - although there are a few that slip
>Have I got this correct ??
>just put the brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx next to the To in the inbox


>assistant & move all to my Brass Band folder ??

In the section called  "Perform the following Action", click on  "Move To"
and then use the "Folder" button next to it to select the  folder you want
them to go into - don't forget to create the folder first :-)
Don't put click on the "All messages" at the top and don't fill in "subject"
or "from" boxes

>I hope I am nearly there !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well it works for me!!

David Milsom   David.Milsom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chairman and BBb Bass - Hitchin Brass Band -
Also, Deputy Librarian, Deputy Secretary
Chief Fetcher and Carrier and Custodian of the Drinks :-) !!!

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