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Re: Re: Bach 2nd brandenburg concerto - wrong note?

> If you don't like it, don't play it....
> That's the arrangers job.....  to make it work......

Fair comment! If it's legal, I have no objection what people get up to
provided I don't have to witness it or suffer the results...but I do care
about the way the general public perceives brass band music. However, I am
always very happy to be proved wrong by a dazzling performance of an
ingenious arrangement.

To be more helpful...the late Paul Steinitz, one of my old university
professors and a leading Bach scholar, used to say there are many moments in
Brandenburg 2 where the counterpoint only makes technical sense if the
trumpet part is played an octave lower than we currently do it. He was
adamant that the "tromba in F" must have been a brass instrument pitched
like a modern orchestral horn.  It would certainly have made it less of an
olympic feat to play the thing! I don't have a score to hand, but is this
one of those moments perhaps?


PS Sorry about my unguarded remarks minute I was thinking it,
the next I had typed it!


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