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In a message dated 24/01/2003 21:23:47 GMT Standard Time,
Georgerobins30@xxxxxxx writes:

> Nice one from 'Big Chap' What a change to find someone other than the BBb
> Basses taking some stick.
> Keep taking the Pills.

Thanks George
Just to add to my little piece of whimsy earlier, all I can say is that:
1. I have played in all 5 sections of the UK Brass band championship.
2. I care passionately for the future of Brass bands in the UK
3. The answer for us all as we seek to better ourselves musically and
socially is not to dumb down.
If we decide to cater specifically for the struggling band (and I hope that
the originator of this thread can fill his empty seats becuause playing in a
band with empty seats is a soul destroying experience), the progressive,
ambitious full strength band can only suffer.  In areas such as London and
the Midlands with huge 4th section fields, pieces that don't challenge the
best do not help anybody.
Finally, in finding the composer Simon Dobson (although a very experienced
young player from the South West) we have unearthed a gem.  Lets not
discourage or lose him.

Big Chap
Bedrock Brass


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