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Re: That time of year!

Colin wrote (quoting Arthur Butterworth):

>  ".......Were all performances to be mere clones of a one and only,
>  universally acknowledged 'authentic' performance, there would be no point
> at
>  all in comparing one performance with another and contesting would cease
>  have a purpose.  It is the infinite variety of interpretation that makes
> our
>  appreciation of repeated - but ever different - performances so

Thanks for reminding us (and hopefully all our adjudicators!) that there is
no one correct interpretation of a piece of music, and that (up to a point)
all of our readings of a score are valid.  At this stage of the rehearsal
process its so easy to become bogged down in minutiae and lose sight of the
bigger vision.

>  P.S. The best of banding luck and sincere good wishes for you and your
>  conductor for this years area's, and remember this, wherever your band
>  finishes, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter in the
>  light of what's about to kick off in another land.

The same to you and yours.  And its so important to keep these things in



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