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Travel to western Canada

The main problem for bands travelling to western Canada is the lack of a
"built-in" audience.  Apart from Salvation Army Bands, there is only one
brass band in all of the Vancouver area.  This even makes billeting issues
somewhat of a problem.

I was lucky enough to talk about this issue with Bramwell Tovey (a couple of
years back).  He agreed to help run a brass band course or help attract a
well-known soloist (in his capacity as conductor of the Vancouver Symphony)
but first we had to develop some sort of organization that could do the
leg-work. We discussed development of a brass band society of British
Columbia, but, as Mr. Tovey put it, one band does not make such a society.

I have been fumbling with the idea ever since, but always the vicissitudes
of life seem to get in the way.

However, any band passing this way (perhaps headed to Japan) please let us
know.  We may be able to organize something.

Our band is trying to increase its exposure, and will be playing on March 6
at the Kiwaniis Music Festival.  This will be the first time ever that a
brass band has played at that venue.  Our program includes Shepherd's Song,
Moorside Suite & Death Or Glory.

With such small steps as these we may yet develop a brass band culture.

Brian Stride
Little Mountain Brass Band
Vancouver, Canada

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