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Re: Re: Royal Fireworks

David Buckley wrote:

> Not an untypical approach by brass band guys to the classics as I am
>increasingly finding as I do more orchestra stuff. Discussed this once with
>Bob Redhead who tells me that certain keys don't sound good on brass.
>Don't seem to remember that there are many keys I haven't played in. Maybe
>some of the orchestral keys, particularlymultiple sharp ones, are deemed as
>too hard when transcibed directly for brass?

> Any suggestions David? or others?
> Dave Buckley.

Hi Dave....

With all due respect to Robert Redhead I'm not sure I agree "that certain
keys don't sound good for brass." Harder for brass yes.  I have arranged
many orchestral pieces and piano pieces for various size brass ensembles
and brass bands and I try to keep it the original key or as close to it as
possible because I feel that's the sound the composer wanted.  All keys do
sound different, and some better than others.  I don't think translating it
brass has much to do with it sound-wise.  It didn't seem to bother Erik
who arranged many classics. Look at all the different keys that hymns are
written in. Basically they will work the same for woodwinds or strings.
Naturally ranges come into play.  And look at the (odd?)keys in Liedzen's
It's the player's responsibility to learn to play in all keys.  I also don't
like it when classical pieces are changed around or shortened for no
apparent reason.

I would be interested to hear what David Lancaster, Keith Lever or others
have to say pertaining to this. Brian Bowen is on the list and has done some
wonderful classical arrangements as well I believe. You may all disagree.

Mark Freeh


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