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Re: Re: Arrangements and original music

***"For interest sake, I would be curious to see some concert line-ups
a well balanced program from some of the listees. Say, 12 items.  Let's
how many original pieces are selected for a program ... and how many
arrangements are included."

Not a bad idea.  Maybe it will be useful to other band leaders to know
what people are programming, and what the audience response was/is to
it.  Here is the program from the last Triangle Youth Brass Band concert
from a month ago:

Carnival Overture-Dvorak
La Virgen de la Macarena-Monterde/Mendez/Freeh trumpet solo
Galito-    S.  Lope
March to Scaffold- Berlioz   tuba ensemble
March from Symphonic Metamorphosis-Hindemith
Nessun Dorma-Puccini cornet solo
Mountain Song-Spark   
Finale from 4th Symphony-Tchaikovsky
March Op. 99     Prokofiev  Encore

The audience was very enthusiastic about everything we played.  I would
say that Resurgam(my favorite piece on the program) got the least
receptive response, while the Tchaik 4 finale got a standing ovation.
Our soloist, Mark Clodfelter got great responses, and the transcriptions
were well received as well.  All in all, the audience liked the program.

I would like to know what other Youth bands perform, as well as what
programs that brass bands do that go over well.


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