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Re: RE: Howard Shore/John Williams music

Neil Ashcroft wrote:

> Hedwigs' Theme Arranged by Andrew Duncan.
> I haven't played the LOTR arrangement, also by Andrew Duncan, yet.
> So I would also be interested if anyone has played that.
> Neil Ashcroft
> Blackley Band


"Hedwigs' Theme" and selections from "Lord of the Rings" can be heard on a
CD called The Big Picture produced by Warner Bros. and played by the
Yorkshire Building Society Band and David King.

"Hedwigs' Theme" can also be found on the 2002-2003 Warner Brass Band
Catalogue sampler CD available free at dealers I believe.

Andy Duncan is a superb arranger and one of my favorites.

Has anyone heard his Concerto for Trombone, written for Andy Berryman?  An
excellent composition.

Mark Freeh
(New York City)


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