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Re: (no subject)

Another CD is Philip Jones Weekend Brass Trumpet Voluntary (William Byrd
arr.Elgar Howarth). Decca #421 633-2
Sheet music is available in the "Just Brass" series (#26) by Chester

1. Piccolo Trumpet Bb (which I have transposed for Eb Sop)
2, 3 & 4. Trumpet Bb
5. Horn in F	  (which I have transposed for Eb Horn)
6. Trombone in Bass Clef  (which I have transposed for Bb Euphonium in
Treble Clef)
7 & 8. Trombone in Bass Clef  (which I have transposed to treble clef)
9. Bass Trombone
10. Tuba in Bass Clef

Mike Argentino
Logan City Brass Band


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