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Re: Re: Brass Band and Piano

Having spent aver 40 years of my life playing and conducting SA music exclusively, I think I have a little knowledge of the repertoire. SA music and SA publications are of the highest quality, maybe the most outstanding publisher of brass band music in the world. But the simple truth is that
most of it is either arrangements or variations on a theme. This is no slur on the quality. I have played and conducted Christ is the Answer and to me it does sound Gershwinesque in character. If it doesn't to you well that's OK too. And I included the bit abou the singing because some bands
don't like to sing and the vocal does work as a trom quartette, not as effective as the singing but can be done. The piece itself is highly devotional and works very well but the devotional character may make it unsuitable for some performers and bands.

Dave Buckley


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