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Re: Re: Wild Conductors

Good conductors including orchestral can vary from
inconspicuous movement to very mobile.  It's mostly a
matter of how the musicians accept their leadership.
Preserve us from movements having to happen on stage -
anyway apart from the troms. in a band there is the
percussion.  Has anyone noticed how,in an orchestra,
all the strings in a section move together?

For precise movement watch the Guards on parade or one
of those do's at the Albert Hall.  Come to think of it
the Guards will soon be presenting to Her Majesty
again - as we get older I'm sure it comes round

I hope many of you heard the all brass concert for
Maurice Andre's 70th birthday on Classic FM last Sat
eve'g.  How many knew, he started out as a miner, got
into Music Academy thro' an army band?

Music Matters, R3, was worth listening to on Sunday
re-virtuosity.  C Lindbergh was one of several v?s
briefly interviewed


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